The SouthEastern Fastener Association has awarded over 140 scholarships since 1989. In addition to the Annual Gilchrist Foundation Scholarship, the Association uses funds raised to help as many as possible each year.

Eligible applicants are employees of any member company, as well as spouses and children of employees.

The deadline for applying is April 1st.

To apply, download the Scholarship Application (pdf format). Print out the application, fill it out, and mail it to the address listed on the application.

Please make sure that all applications have the signature and title of the sponsor and all required documents are complete and enclosed.

All students that apply need to understand that:

• Applications must be received by April 1st.
• Applicants must be employees of a member company, or their spouse of child.
• This is a one time award.
• Students may reapply the following year if unsuccessful.
• Scholarships will be equally distributed among supplier and distributor applicants.
• A maximum of one award will be made per sponsoring company yearly.

Scholarship funding is made possible through the generosity of the SEFA membership. Successful applicants will be notified by June by letter and an announcement will be published in our newsletter.

Available to SEFA Member Company Employees

UID Scholarship Application (PDF)

SEFA will be offering one University of Innovative Distribution (UID) Scholarship to an individual SEFA Member. This scholarship is sponsored by Nucor Fastener, long time SEFA member.

UID is the Association Education Alliance major education program. It is a four-day intensive education session heldin conjunction with Purdue University. Each year, attendees can earn up to 30 CEUs. Upon completion of 3 years of UID, or 90 CEUs, they receive thier Certificate in Innovative Distribution from Purdue University. This scholarship will cover one four-day session (tuition cost only). Read more about this program and it's courses available at

If interested, complete the scholarship application and be sure to return to the SEFA Office by December 10, 2021.